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Company Chronicle

1990 Foundation of Transport- und Speditions GmbH in Viechtach
1991 Dispatch transportation at Thyssen Polymer, Bogen
1992 Purchase of the first freight vehicle
1994 Construction of the building made for freight forwarding and a logistics center in Prackenbach
1995 Move into the new forwarding building in Prackenbachand takeover of the freight express company Josef Altmann 20 members of staff 8 freight vehicles of our own
2001 Construction and completion of the first warehouse in Viechtach
2002 Widening of services towards heavy and out of gauge loads
2008 Construction and completion of a second warehouse in Viechtach
40 members of staff – 30 freight vehicles of our own
Press Clipping "18 Years Spedition K.Altmann" (PDF)