Our fleet stands now at 30 freight vehicles, mostly including mega and jumbo trucks and low platform mega semitrailers.

To provide our customers with the dependability and reliability they are used to when dealing with us, and to meet the high standards in the logistics business, we have equipped our vehicles with the latest in technological innovation.

Our fleet features environmentally friendly equipment, thus complying with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards for low noise and low exhaust emission during transportation of goods, placing it therefore in a position to circumvent the Austrian ban on night-time driving.
Some of our vehicles have an onboard-forklift to make sure that customers, who don’t have a chance to unload the delivered goods with their own forklift, are on the safe side when relying on our equipment to get all the tasks properly done.

Some vehicles in our fleet:

- Tarpaulin semitrailer
- Mega tarpaulin semitrailer
- Jumbo rigid truck trailer
- Tarpaulin low-bed semitrailer
- Semitrailer with telescopic crane
- Tarpaulin gooseneck semitrailer

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