Warehouse Logistics

Low costs for warehousing and flexible suppliers are key issues to nearly every branch of trade. These two elements allow for cost-effective reactions to the leads and lags of incoming orders as goods can be ordered and delivered according to requirements. Logistics services become therefore increasingly specific and demanding.

We strive to find the best logistics solutions and concepts for outsourcing according to our customers’ needs, so as to create the links of the manufacturing chain.

At our locations in Prackenbach and Viechtach, we currently maintain a warehousing volume of some 8,000 m² in air-conditioned stock rooms, which are partly equipped with high rack systems. Our storage area is made accessible via ramps and at ground level.

Moreover, a 10,000 m² general storage area is reserved for the transshipment of goods of all kinds. Here, the most up-to-date industrial trucks, with lifting forces from 1 to 12 tonnes, are at your disposal.

As useful supplements to warehouse logistics, we offer a diverse range of additional services. These include, first of all, storage and retrieval of goods on call of customers, intermediate storage or order-picking of goods, and packaging or labeling.

We recommend our customers to ship the goods to the diverse destinations directly off our shelves as this will help lower further costs for handling.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us! We are happy to provide you with sound advice and would be glad to work with you on finding the best solution for your demands in logistics.